“Eli Winograd is a true artist. He has a great talent with sound and mixing records. I was lucky enough to make at least 4 records with Eli – Jonny Corndawg’s ‘I’m Not Ready To Be A Daddy’ and Jimmy Cousins’ ‘City Sunsets’ (which we coproduced) and 2 of my records – ‘Infinite Ease’ and ‘Col.’ He will take your music to the next level. For those who are gonna work with him, I’d suggest easing the reigns on your preconceived notions on your record. Let Eli do his thing. You gotta check out his Two Prong records. Thats his music. I’d recommend going that direction with YOUR record. Eli is capable and good at getting you a conventional rock or rap or whatever sound, but (I feel) his talent lies in taking the music somewhere else, somewhere new, and somewhere interesting as hell!”

Colin Langenus (Colin L Orchestra, Bongladesh)colinlangenus.com

Eli is a phenomenal producer with a great studio (and a damn solid dude to boot). I came to him with an album to mix — an insanely ambitious project for which I had very high expectations — and simply put, he knocked it outta the park. After a weekend in the studio watching him work, I entrusted him to continue mixing in my absence, sending me mixes as he finished them and making revisions as I requested them. He finished by running all the tracks though some gorgeous outboard gear and the results still blow my mind almost a year later. He worked with me on my timeline until we had the album that I wanted. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience and I’m already planning my next session at Lone Pine Road. Cannot recommend highly enough. A++++

Max HorwichSewing Machinessewing machines facebook page

“Eli is one of those guys that went deep into some recording gear some while back where he met with the magic music monsters deep in the sacred 5th dimension. The encounter was near fatal, but our guy came back out with some seriously sought after sound wave sagacity. This was evident to me when I first hear his early west coast style Two Prong solo recordings. There was something special about them; they were produced very meticulously! Hours and hours… Eli works hard on recording projects and gets them right, correct. He dose not let anything slide. Do yourselves a favor musician; work with this guy! I flew to Brooklyn to work with Eli on my new record and it sounds better now that I could even have imagined it sounding ever! Thanks Eli!”

Tom Hohmann (High Elf of High Earth Mounds)Mounds bandcamo page

I’ve been been a sideman on many others’ jazz CDs, but the past 8-9 months I’ve been putting together my first CD under my name, & I couldn’t have found a more perfect studio/engineer than Eli’s Lone Pine Road. He went from being my “right arm” on many of the tracks, to my right-ear. Tech-prowess amazing, but you don’t always find that in tandem with terrific musical instincts along with just the perfect combo of intense/laid-back vibes, and either/or just when you need it. Eli’s studio has almost been a second home for me this past year. He’s got a sixth-sense not often found at this end of the music-biz, remarkable on several important levels. I know you offered up to 5 stars here but permit me to give Eli 10 stars!…
Mike Rosler, trumpeter/vocalist, “Where Kitties Fly” soon to be released: )

Mike RoslerTrumpeter/Vocalist - "Where Kitties Fly"
Great job on mastering gypsy jazz tracks!

A friend from a DC record label suggested to me that I try mastering with the Lone Pine Road Studio. Eli mastered my gypsy jazz tracks, and really brought them to life….. despite some mixing issues that originated in my recording studio and that I could not fix AND depite being on a tight budget. We had a very matter-of-fact discussion and he had very useful comments and did overall a great and timely job. Lone Pine is definitely a go-to place for mastering and if I was local I’d totally give it a shot with recording too.

Tomas DrgonOrcestra Prazevica

We just finished recording my 7 piece Latin/Jazz Band at Lone Pine Road studio,and I just want to say that we are all very happy with the final product. Eli is an excellent  engineer,and his suggestions throughout the recording process were spot on; His knowledge of the board and all the different possibilities to get the sounds we wanted were impressive..I have been doing recording work as a trumpet player for decades,and I would say that recording your project at Lone Pine Road studio is a great choice

Larry MosesLatin Jazz ExpressLatin Jazz Express website

If there was a pine tree for every sound engineer that feels they know “the right way to engineer,” who believes that there is one “correct way of doing things” or who is unwilling or unable to adjust or experiment with their standard protocol to help realize a recording artist’s vision, you wouldn’t be able to open your front door—it’d be blocked by forest as far as your eyes could see.

But there is only one Lone Pine here. That tree of knowledge and intuition is one Eli Winograd of Kingston, NY. His vision may not be the same as yours, but he will always be as honest and clear as any musician could ask for in communicating his own unique view of what direction you should go. Unlike far too many in his field, Eli understands that technology both new and old is only the horse carrying the song to its destination, not the other way around.

In cases where Mr. Winograd realizes you have the path your music must take mapped out in full, he will do his best to utilize his impressive collection of enviable analog gadgetry to help you realize that daydream. That is what makes Eli the lone pine in this often dark and treacherous wooded terrain of recorded sound and why (beyond mastering my last two albums) he remains one of the only people whose advice I would consider on a mix—-his willingness, compulsion even, to work together and find common ground.

-Jesse Lent (CSC Funk Band, The Monte Vista, Veal Estate)

Jesse LentCSC Funk Band, The Monte Vista, Veal EstateJesse’s radio show, "Trump Watch"

I’ve had two full length records made at Lone Pine over the past two years. The space is amazing for recording live, which we did, even vocals on a number of tunes. The drum room is very special, I love the drums on the latest record. Eli is a good balance of letting you do your thing but also having good advice at the right time. He is a great guy and musician. He’s played on a couple tracks. Check out some of the final product and hear for yourself:

Wes Buckleywesbuckley.com

“Eli Winograd is an incredible listener and a thoughtful, efficient technician. When you work with him, you have a powerful, talented ally who will always put your vision first. Seriously, the mix of your dreams. He recorded, mixed, and mastered our record quick and cheap, but it never felt like a rush job or a favor. It felt like 1967 or something. Just in and out and ZAP.. Record done. And so psychedlic! His studio smartly mixes analog and digital in a way that puts the whole history of sound at your disposal. And he can edit and mix his ass off, nimbly sculpting a stampede of overdubs into a delicate symphony and/or spit shining that perfect take til its vital and bloody. Eli is like the Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Incredible String Band, Nico) of Brooklyn. A gifted cat made for these times. I can’t wait to work with him again.”

Turner Williams Jr. (Ramble Tamble,Them Natives)turnerwilliamsjr.com

I had the opportunity to work with Eli a few weeks ago and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. I had recorded tracks of an acoustic jazz trio with vocalist and I desperately needed help with the mix. Eli’s dad, Dave, mentioned his son had opened a studio recently. I visited Eli’s site and although I liked what I heard I didn’t hear anything that was close to our style of music. But I figured the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so I decided to give Eli a call.
In no time we had a working method and things progressed smoothly. Totally on the same wavelength. Thanks to good ears and equally good outboard gear the project came together better than I had hoped for.
Thank you, Eli. Hope to visit your studio again soon.
Peter Tomlinson

Peter TomlinsonPete’s faculty page at Vassar College

My band recorded at Lone Pine Road with Eli and we had a fantastic experience. We aimed to complete one whole project in one day’s work and we knew it was going to be a lot of busy day. Eli helped us make that possible. He was well prepared to record my seven-piece band and was very comfortable adjusting things on the fly as necessary. He also had some great ideas and greatly contributed to our project. I would highly recommend him for any kind of recording that needs to be done – you’ll be very happy that you chose to work with him.

Tony BasileIn The PocketIn The Pocket website

Eli has mixed and mastered one of my albums and will soon be doing another. Great guy for bringing to life dead mixes, or making already good mixes sound even better. Has the gear. Has the ear. Highly recommended.

Jnathan LearJonathan Lear bandcamp site

“Eli is a focused and talented engineer and producer. He communicates well and is easy to work with. His studio and gear are great and the vibe is right. And all this adds up to a killer sound.”

Matthew Clark(Secret Museum Of Kind Men)A Magic Whistle bandcamp page

The environment at Lone Pine Road is relaxed and inherently conducive to creativity.  The live room was comfortable to work in with its high ceilings and warm vibe. Clear sight lines to the iso booth were super valuable as we could isolate the sax while cueing one another visually like we were all in the same room. As an engineer Eli’s low key professionalism  kept things focused and productive. The Lone Pine Road vibe is on point.

Peter KerlinSunwatchers, Peter Kerlin Octet, Peter Kerlin Octet tumblr page

Working at Lone Pine Road was absolutely ideal. It was exactly what we were looking for: a good-sounding room operated by a knowledgeable engineer. Over the course of our session, we ran into absolutely zero impediments to the process of tracking, which allowed us to move forward smoothly and get the best takes we could.

Jeff Tobias