Latin Jazz Express – La Plateria, El Pollo (record, mix, master)

Mike Rosler And Friends – Sweet Sue, Good Ol’ Wagon, I Want A Girl

Ziemba – Square-Headed Brother (engineer, mix, master)

Tomas Drgon –  Deuce Ambience (master)

CSC Funk Band – Above The Clouds (master)

Tribu Baharu – (master)

Tom Chi w/ Slam Allen – Wedding Song (engineer, mix, master)


Sewing Machines – 8:45 a.m. (mix, master)


Wes Buckley – We All Fly (produce, mix, master)


Wes Buckley – Bird Of Prey Advice (record, mix, master)


Gun Hill – Corrinna (master)


DJ Dog Dick – Grease That I Got (master)

Les Bicyclettes Blanche – Cat Gut (master)


Colin L Orchestra – Mendo Blues (produce, mix)


Colin L Orchestra – Told Ya (mix)



Memoryy – It Feels Like The First Time (vocal recording)


Viv Stark – Red Clover, Night Tide (record, mix)



Eamonn Barry – Last Leg A Song For The Lost, Everybody Knows (co-produce, record, mix, master)



Punt – Get Out & I Told ‘Em (master)



Hurricanes Of Love – Flag Pond Road (record, mix, master)



Wes Buckley – Please Go Away From Here, Sad Blood, Divorce Divorce (mix, master)



Party Lights – Chances & He’s Gonna Hurt Ya (record, mix)



In The Pocket – Demo Medley (demo recording)



Alien Whale – Mellow Jam (record, mix)



Wes Buckley – Secret Ways (record, mix, master)


The Monte Vista – Be Who You Are (master)


The Joe Carrozza Trio – How Long Has This Been Going On (master)


Steven Brewer – Black Sheep (master)


Hand Carved Squirrels – Snow Bunny (demo recording)


Jimmy Cousins – Wild Human Will (record, mix, master)

Jimmy Cousins – Sentimentality’s Gone (record, mix, master)


A Magic Whistle – Bulbuloun (master)


Dreeme Life Ball – Favorite Tree (produce, mix)


Twoprong w/ Richard Alpert – Aikido Is Love, in 2 parts (production)



Wes Buckley w/ Paul Mcmahon and Eli Winograd – Funeral Party (demo)


Brow Coque – Glory Bound (demo)


Memory Well – Pinball Earth (master)




Ramble Tamble – Secret Museum Of Kind Men, vol 2 (produce, mix, master)


Cereal Banter – Elephant Microwave? (record, mix, master)


Beautiful Barry – Primordial Reptile (demo)


Jesse Lent / Eli Winograd / Allie Klein – 2 soundtrack pieces (demo)



Jim Sauter / Kid Millions Duo – Live at Death By Audio (live recording)






Twoprong – Nascar And Nothingness (collaboration)


Soldiers Of Fortune – Money (record, mix)


Kid Millions / Hyrrokkin – Remix