Summing Mixers

Rupert Neve Designs 5059 16-channel summing mixer

Oram Octamix 8-channel summing mixer

Tape Machines

Studer A810 2-track 1/4 inch mastering deck

Tascam 302 stereo cassette deck

Fostex 8-track 1/4 inch

Mixing Console

Amek TAC Scorpion 24-channel 16-buss, mid-80’s, british


Manley Langevin Mini-Massive 2-channel

2 x Warm Audio Pultec Clones

SPL Qure Tube/LC dual parametric

Avalon Vt747sp stereo tube eq/compressor

4 x Orban 622B 4-band parametric eq

Orban 672 8-band parametric eq

DOD R830 15-band graphic stereo eq

Yamaha GQ1031B 31-band graphic eq

SPL 9629 stereo de-esser

BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer

DBX Sub-Harmonic generator


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (1×12″ combo)

Silvertone 1392 (1 x 10 combo, vintage, with tremolo)

Plush PRB 1060-S (’70s, tube bass head)

Earth G-1000 (70’s tube bass/guitar head)

Peavey TNT 130 (1 x 18 combo bass amp)

Hartke HS1200 (1 x 12 solid state bass/keyboard amp)

Peavey XR600-B 6-channel P.A. head



Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist

CAD Trion


Miktek CV3

AKG C-414 XLS, multi-pattern

2 x Audio Technica 4050, multi-pattern

Rode NTK, tube

M-Audio Luna

Studio Projects C1

Behringer B-1


2 x Earthworks TC25

Earthworks SR25

2 x AKG C1000

Superlux PRA268-AH


Rode Procaster

ElectroVoice RE-10

ElectroVoice RE-16

ElectroVoice 635-A

Shure Beta 52-A

3 x Shure SM-57

Shure SM-58

AKG D88 Stereo Mic

2 x Superlux dynamic mic


Hear Technologies Hearback Headphone system with up to 8 separate user-controlled headphone mixes

Dangerous Source Monitor Controller

Focal Solo6-Be Near Field Monitors

JBL LSR4328 subwoofer

Tamuz AM-402 Audio Monitor with VU meter

Microphone Pre-amps

Universal Audio LA-610, tube, built-in compressor

4 x Sytek MPX-4A

2 x Apogee Trak 2

4 x Focusrite ASA-128

4 x JJ Electronics JP-12/4

Altec 1591 Compressor Mic-Pre

2 x Behringer Ultragain, tube


Rack mount reverbs/delays

Biamp MR/140 spring reverb, 1981

Great British Spring stereo spring reverb, 80’s, modified by Skychord

Ensoniq DP-Pro spatial effects processor

Roland SDE-1000 digital delay and modulation

Peavey 4530, delay, chorus, modulation

Gemini mx-9200 2-channel eq/echo

Effects Pedals

Eventide Pitch Factor

Boss ME-5 programmable multi-fx

Vox wah-wah

CryBaby wah-wah

Morley voluime/wah

DigiTech whammy

Electroharmonix Freeze

Electroharmonix “the mole”

Electroharmonix Tube Zipper

Boss CEB Bass Chorus

Boss OC-2 Octave

DOD FX20-B Stereo Phaser

Skychord Truckloud Overdrive

Fuzzfarm “boutique” Distortion

Electroharmonix Bass Balls

DOD FX50-B Overdrive plus

Boss DD7 Digital Delay

Akai Headrush E1 Tape Echo simulator

Electroharmonix Memory Man deluxe, old

Guitars / Basses (by request)


Lynx Aurora 16-channel mastering converter

Apogee Trak 2 stereo converter with peak limiter

M-Audio Profire 2626 and Motu 2408, just in case!


Neve Amek 9098 Stereo Compressor / Limiter

Manley Variable Mu 2-channel Compressor/Limiter

Avalon vt747sp Stereo Compressor/eq

Universal Audio LA-610 tube compressor

Happy Magic 2-channel compressor, one-of-a-kind, built by Andy Puls

2 x Aphex Expressor

Behringer MDX 2200 2-channel compressor/gate

Behringer DSP 9024 6-band dynamics processor/exciter

Keys and Synths

9’ concert grand Yamaha CFX, completely rebuilt and customized by renowned piano technician Arlan Harris.

Lowry 2-tier organ with bass pedals

Hammond 2-tier organ with bass pedals and Leslie Speaker

Hammond Auto-vari 64 drum machine

Moog Little Phatty analog synth with digital controls

Yamaha TX81Z FM Synth

Fender Rhodes Electric Piano

Electribe ER-1 beat sequencer and stereo echo

MicroKorg digital synth

Various Drums and Percussion, get in touch to discuss what you need