Lone Pine Road – The Millennium Falcon of Recording Studios

The piano at Lone Pine Road is very special. It is a 9’ concert grand Yamaha CFX, completely rebuilt and customized by renowned piano technician Arlan Harris. (www.arlanharris.com)

This is not a typical Yamaha CFX.

It is equipped with Stuttgart Steinway hammers, which impart a softer, rounder tone than normal Yamaha hammers.

The soundboard is manufactured by an Italian company called Ciresa, which provides soundboards to several high end European piano manufacturers, the most notorious being Fazioli.

The wood for these soundboards is harvested from the same red spruce forest in the Italian alps from which Antonio Stradivari procured the material for his Stradivarius violins!

Every component of this piano, including the strings, action mechanisms, etc, was specifically selected by Arlan Harris for a particular alchemy of characteristics and tone. It is truly a one-of-a-kind instrument, probably unique in the entire world.

The piano is carefully maintained by the best tuner/technician in the area, Sal Maneri, who has a specific talent for voicing hammers and distinctive tuning that indescribably enhances the playing of any serious pianist.


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— Full Album Production —

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Other services include:

Audio Editing / Restoration

Remote Multi-track Recording

Sound Design

Pro-Tools / Studio Recording Training

Studio Design & Consultation

Live Sound / Sound System Rental